Sonore ultraDigital with DSD

Has anyone used the Sonore ultraDigital with Direct Stream DAC?

Wondering if using it plus i2s connection vs. USB makes any audible differece?

I would suggest the Sonore opticalRendu instead and using a good USB cable (for example: Curious Evolved) to connect the DirectStream.

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Why? @alexreusch

I have used the ultradigital with the DSJ prior to selling the DSJ. Worked great. Presently using it with W4S DAC 2v2se 10th. Works great there too.

@alexreusch: How would you characterize the sound of the Curious Evolved USB cable?

See thread here as well:

Sorry, my advise for using the opticalRendu instead of the ultraDigital is not valid for all cases, I have to admit. I do use Sonore as a streamer endpoint in my Roon setup. In that case, the opticalRendu is currently the top of the edge product from Sonore and the best way to go. However, if you are using another HW streamer brand instead, that provides a USB output, then the ultraDigital might be the better choice for you.

I used a small green computer linear power supply with my ultraDigital. I found that the best voltage was 8v, in my system of course.

The ultradigital can actually be used in concert with microrendu, ultrarendu, and other certified endpoints. The DAC you are feeding would need to be I2s compliant. From a technical standpoint your ultrarendu paired with an ultradigital feeding I2s would outperform the ultrarendu output via USB.

Could you hear the difference? Probably, but YMMV. The USB stuff has improved.

It’s not the ultraRendu, it’s about the opticalRendu. Now we could argue, if the ultraDigital behind the opticalRendu will make sense or if the already perfect galvanic isolated opticalRendu using a high quality USB cable is the better choice.

Sorry, read right over that.

No problem :grinning:
But I think it is an interesting question: ultraDigital behind opticalRendu or opticalRendu using a high quality USB cable?

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Law of diminishing returns. Both would sound great.

I think I read somewhere that Sonore recommend nothing between the opticalRendu and the DAC.

I asked this question at the Sonore forum and the answer in general was: The opticalRendu does not provide SPDIF or I2S and if you require this type of connection, than you could use the ultraDigital. But from a quality standpoint, the USB connection is already galvanic isolated and near perfect, so just use a good quality USB cable and keep it as simple as possible. Don’t add complexity, if not 100% necessary.

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Yes, that was my impression also.

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Awesome, thank you Alex!

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