DS DAC i2s with SoTM sms200 and SONORE UltraDigital

I’m using a PSA DS DAC with a SoTM sms200ULTRA NEO streamer via USB.
I would like to convert to i2s with SONORE UltraDigital, but on their site they only mention their own streamers (rendu product line)

Does anyone know if the UltraDigital works with the SoTM streamer too ?

I see no reason why any streamer would not work to the USB in. Does say may not support. if you have an issue they may tell you no way. It does specially say no support for computers, but my guess is they will support other streamers. There are other DDC’s that are cheaper. Matrix and SingXer SU-1 KTE for example are about half that price and you can spend the other half on LPS and cable.

“For use with microRendu, ultraRendu, opticalRendu, and Signature Rendu SE only.
Please note Sonore will not provide support for direct connection to OS X or Windows”

II does support PS Audio Dac

“6. Selectable LVDS i2s output formats via HDMI: Gustard, PS Audio, Holo Audio, L.K.S., Wyred4Sound, Mola Mola, etc”

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I got my SONORE UD and just installed it
The UD came pre-configured for the DAC (SW6 ON)
BUT the L & R channels have swapped ?!!
I tried moving SW7 to ON too, but it didn’t work
Anyone here who has experience fixing this ?

I was following in the other thread and have no idea what is going on with your unit. Sorry I wish I could help. I would say if you have a DAC swap the output cables to the PRE but I dont know what the rest of your system is set up like. Dont let too much time go buy. Threaten to return it if they dont help you.