Sony UBP-X1000ES DAC Mods vs PS Audio DirectStream DAC Sr

Well. No surprise here but the the PS Audio DAC will always be smoother and more “buttery” with Sunlight installed. But I had some parts kicking about and had to try something that’s been on my mind for a long time. I do like the Sony’s Bass extension without muddying the Midrange and still keeping control of the Treble extension. Is it Vinyl like in terms of sound quality the way the DSSr, is…no. Maybe a Tube Buffer would help (or better yet a BAT VK50-SE…oh wait…it’s at the Factory cause it died on me). Overall the modded Sony is a bit “darker” sounding.

Now I know just swapping parts expecting to magically better a $5k DAC is pretty wishful thinking. Well the results were actually pretty damn good compared to a stock Sony Analog Output board (no mod).

Stock Board 2x RC 4580 Dual Audio Op-Amps and cheapo blue “Chicklet” Capacitors.

Modified Board with 4 Single Channel OPA627’s mounted on two Brown Dog Adapter boards (I mounted the 627’s onto the adapters). Also had a bunch of 1.5nF SoniCaps in a bin so what the Hell, I swapped them in where the blue Chicklets used to be.

They were such a pain in ass to solder onto the exiting locations of the original Op-Amps that the original 200pF bypass caps popped off. They were twice the size of the one’s I had on hand, I made 'em fit ! Solder blobs are a good thing sometimes :slight_smile:

Another angle: