Sound of Bridge II vs USB

For years I preferred the Bridge to usb but eventually I was won over to usb due to improvements from AO, Jplay (6.2, jplaystreamer) and JCAT. This really is better to my ears and my system. And some of you have gone even further with additional devices for usb isolation and jitter removal.

But the only constant is change and Bridge II is here. So will those who have compared this with advanced usb implementations please pass on your findings?

I’m most interested in the sound quality with cd rips, not technical or functional issues with bridge vs usb. It’d be great to let us know what your usb setup is to get a basis for the comparison. Thanks.


Check this out:

Audiophilia review, including “vs. USB” observations


Thanks Scott, a very interesting and relevant read. Karl’s preferences match mine with Bridge 1 and USB.

However I think my USB setup is much more capable than his. I’d like to get comments from anyone with a similar setup to mine.

I don’t know whether the trade-in will apply to me in NZ (but I sure hope so).

Cheers, Bill