Sound quality comparisons of PS Audio DACs


Giffen good.


Okay things are really starting to gel and come together. I now have around 100 hrs on the amp and 128 hrs on the DMP and DAC jr. I still want to reserve final judgment after 200 hrs or so, but lets just say I’m smiling ear to ear. :grin:


Excellent. Many find break-in of these units to be silly long.


It’s still not intuitively obvious to me, but the break-in period is longer than you think–your patience will be rewarded.
I have a ss preamp that the mfr recommends minimum 24 hours warm up (warm-up, not burn-in, which is like forever) before critical listening. And to my ears, he’s right. Go figure.


We like ear-to-ear smiling! Me too!


I would like to share my experience with fellow PS day users to see if they can concer or I am daydreaming. I read somewhere the equipments such as preamp and dac should be placed where nothing cover their top, in another words on the top shelf of the rack. After I followed this idea,my DS dac sounds so good in the area of dynamics and air around the instruments. Huge improvement is understatement.+


Never underestimate the power of placebo


Or it may make a difference in his specific system.


One possibility is that whatever you put on the top is more “away” from other/multiple sources of interference than anything else in the rack. Paying attention to how cabling is run can be beneficial in this regard as well.


Very good point. I don’t use cable risers at my home, but I always do my best to keep the cables from touching and crossing over each other. I wonder if the vibration isolation is better on the top too.


I suppose the logical(?) extension of these two thoughts for the obsessive audiophile with lots of space would be to use one large, heavy, 2-3’-tall platform (oak/maple kitchen table?), with the Pre in the middle, and the components in a star configuration radiating out from it, AC cables go down one hole to the P-whatever, pre outs go down another to the amp. That way, all the components are on the top shelf, and none are stacked, are relatively far apart, and all pre-in wires and AC cables are separated ; )

“Only” problem is it would need to be a Lazy Susan platform so you could access different pieces of gear without walking around ; )


In my experience components sound better when their not stacked directly on top of each other, and have their own isolation footers and shelve. Can’t say whether or not it makes a difference if a component benefits from being on the top shelve of an equipment rack though. I would think if it’s EMI or RFI interference from other components, it would’t matter if it was on a top shelf or not, because those frequencies travel in all directions.