Sound Treatment - Diffusers

Lonely Raven said I've probably said it in the forums before, but I have trouble trusting any reviewer who doesn't have some sort of sound treatment in their listening room. Especially when it comes to small improvements like cables - I can see being able to review big improvements like jumping from a common DAC to the DirectStream, but I'm still skeptical of people without room treatment. :)

Lots of fun stuff…sometimes I think I should go back to school and get a degree in acoustics - but IT work is paying decently for me, so why change now. LOL

Very enjoyable link…!

From the best audio cartoonist of all times:



Hi guys.

Here you can find a little about diffusion:



Wow, for some reason I wasn’t getting any notifications on this thread - it’s been a year since I designed my new sound diffusers, but I’m still no where near building them…I just overengineered them and I either need to step up my skills and tools in the garage workshop, or I need to dumb down my diffuser design a little bit. Hopefully I have more time this winter to get this project rolling again. Sound diffusers will help save me from this dreaded L shaped room that messes with my imaging.

Ingemar, I think we’ve chatted in another forums. I love those diffusers - I really wish I could afford to get some here in the US. Unfortunately I have to design and build my own. Some nice Helmholtz Absorbers sure would help for my home theater listening…my 21" subwoofer is -3db at 10Hz(!!) and I’ve got a nasty null at 40hz and I think 28hz that bugs me when I’m watching movies. It’s not so bad while music listening as I don’t have the pressure (or a sub) on my two channel system, and my mild room treatment does pretty well.


I am using 6off of these diffusers: Golden Horn

I am also using 9off absorbers and 2off bass traps.



Hi Raven.

This is some older pictures of my room,lot’s of things has been changed both in front and back.More basstraps in both ends and a new diffusor wall in the back.As soon i’m back from work in a couple of weeks i’ll send you some figures and angles so you can build your own svana wing diffusors.



Oh WOW! Those diffusers are fantastic! I’ve been looking for something like that for years (at a reasonable price). There is a Chinese company that makes the individual cubes so you can make those golden horn type diffusers yourself, but I can’t find any way to have them sent to the US…unless I buy 10,000 of them on AliBabba! My runner up idea was to take some 6" X 6" wood blocks, and drill them out by hand. I’m not sure how much having round wells would change the diffusion vs having square wells.

So many ideas, just not enough tools to make it happen to the depth and quality I want.

Ingemar, do you have any higher rez images of your room? I’d love to see more!


As soon i’m back home i’ll post som hi rez images of the room.

Happy holidays/Ingemarparty_gif


I see that you also is a heavy user of Golden Horn, Ingemar :)


Hehe,oh yes i amclapping_gifBut the wings are even better,you can get the wings made of some kind of cardboard that’s not to expensive some kind of ikea wing,bt with the same measurments as teh wooden wings, i have seen people here in sweden using them in the ceiling with great succes.


Here is the "ikea"version of the wing41_gif1200mmx600mm weight 8 pounds,Diffusion from 250 hz-16khz.Approx price in europa 100$ each.



Is there a place to order those cardboard Wings here in the US? I’d like to try some!


You can try this one: or you can mail the "guru"him self on this address,maybe he can tell you where to find them in the




Hi Raven.

Sorry about the delay regarding better pictures,but here are some.



That’s fantastic! I really wish I could find reasonably priced diffusers here in the US. They just don’t take sound treatment seriously here.

All too often I get some local audiophile bragging about his treated room, and I come over to find little pillows in the corners and foam on the side walls and not much else.

ingemar, I’ve heard rooms like yours, and they are amazing when done right. I need to do something like that and have people over. There really needs to be a movement for room treatment here in the US - I just need to find a company that can make it happen!


Here is my ongoing listening room with a selection of home-made and commercial products(pics taken before the PS PWT & DSD arrived).

I am currently building/painting the frame for the ceiling 2D diffusers (white versions of the grey ones you can see in the pics of the front wall).

The room treatments certainly made a positive difference.

Cheers Frank ClearAudio-Maestro-052.JPGClearAudio-Maestro-053.JPGClearAudio-Maestro-054.JPGClearAudio-Maestro-092.JPGClearAudio-Maestro-093.JPG


What a great looking room Frank! I love the colors!

Is it kind of a live end/dead end setup?


Great looking treatments.


Live end -Dead end… Not sure. More Diffused end with Bass traps and yes some sound absorbtion down the sides and behind. Keeps me busy and one day I’ll get out the measuring software and confirm what my ears tell me. This is one reason I’ve installed the RT as mostly stand-alone pieces.


Has anyone tried the GIK Acoustics GridFusor. It is a 24"x24"x6" lightweight diffuser that can be hung on the wall and is reasonable priced.



I have not used or seen this product, but their offerings
with which I am familiar are cost effective.