Links about acoustics, etc

Room Calculator…

Amroc THE Room Mode Calculator

Free Room Acoustic Analysis

How Sound Works (In Rooms)

What are room modes?

Helmholtz Resonant Absorber…/helmholtz-resonant…

Helmholtz Resonant Absorber calculator

The MusicScope is a high precision software audio analyzer and measuring tool that works as an Audio-Microscope to visualize the different quality aspects of a music collection.…

Room Acoustics Software…



wood wool…/…

Building a Reference Grade Listening Room by Mike Lavigne…

Kvart & Bølge Makers of Audiophile, Quarter-Wave, Full-Range Loudspeakers and Sound Systems…/Psychoacoustic-Secrets-of…

Resource to calculate, building and measuring Hi Fi Loudspeakers and more……

RMAF14: High Fidelity Stereo - That’s not Natural! How to make it that way…

Handbook of Acoustics af F. Alton Everest…/The%20Master%20Handbook%20Of…

Welcome to Audio Check…

The theory of sound - John William Strutt Rayleigh…/Rayleigh/N0095130_PDF_1_340.pdf

Room acoustics for home audio…/speakers_roomacoustics…

Welcome to Acoustic Fields Academy, the fastest growing acoustics community on the web! With over 400 videos and counting, we’re creating the largest resource of free educational videos about room acoustics online. Subscribe to join us today!

If you have some good links on the topic then discard them. Thanks


Arqen Acoustic Design

Open-source blueprints for acoustic diffusers available for download (free) along with test data.

BTW the site mentioned above is off-the-hook cool!


Nice…thanks bro

Michael, thanks for posting these links, I have learned a lot in a few hours. Things I thought I knew, and a few things that I hadn’t considered. Just from the link I quoted.

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Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
The task was to create one of the world’s best concert halls … It is unfortunately in German … but it is the journey
worth it … if you can get a ticket …

These guys are passing the house door. One of the tasks was that the ship’s horns etc. could not naturally be heard in the concert hall … Thanks Cunard Line for demo …

They often send live…so try signing up on their Facebook …

Hamburg’s concert hall is astounding.

i also relish the fact it cost $850,000,000. That is, a concert hall which rivals the cost of a new football stadium - money much better spent on art.

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Missing some zeros?

Oops. Fixed.


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Wow great!

I love to look at things I can’t afford (at least if they are far enough above the budget) :wink:

Maybe some inspiration for @brodric‘s next investment :wink:

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One of my good friends is good at building them lol 550 kg lol

I bought this App and - I’m sorry to say - can not recommend it.
I find the user interface and interaction design mediocre. The results are not very detailed and sometimes confusing.
My system rated “green” in all tests, which was to be expected, but I learned nothing more than that.

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Thanks for the review!

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Thanks for the photos! Wow some interesting builds for sure!

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amazing rooms.

Although I think the one with the bathtub (and the old guy in it) is a little bizarre. :thinking:

apologies if it’s one of y’all

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Those are my choice for diffusion. Yes, they’d be heavy but non-absorbent (if painted) compared to hollow plastic products, offers a quadratic variation of depth for the mathematically correct distribution in diffusion in both horizontal and vertical planes (versus those shown above), and an easy DIY project. Here’s a link for building them yourself:


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Nice bro…