Speaker Cable Ground Placement

Alright, I know I may possibly be splitting hairs here…but my speaker cable placement will allow be the following options on the ground - which is best?

  1. Speaker cables running BEHIND the baseboard on the ground run to my speakers
  2. Speaker cables running on the GROUND and next to the baseboard
  3. Speaker cables running SLIGHTLY ABOVE THE GROUND (possibly 1/2") and attached to the baseboard

Which would theoretically sound better? Does this even matter? Thanks.

Use either of the three methods. . . and never let Pierre Sprey of Mapleshade know. :wink: You’ll be fine.

Try all three methods and let us know if you can hear a difference.:sunglasses:
Personally, I don’t believe even Superman could hear a difference.

Common wisdom is to get the speaker cables off the floor if possible. While I’ve heard differences they’re not something I routinely pay attention.

Thanks everyone! I won’t let Pierre Sprey know :wink: Perhaps I’ll try them off the floor since it really won’t make a difference with the “waf” factor. Very important factor…


If the ground is wood or tile, it’s not as important. If the ground is carpet, it can make a difference depending on your cables and their shielding.