Speaker cables: Going Under the Floor

I’m operating in a small, weird room. I have no choice (trust me on this) but to put my speakers at one end of the room and the rest of my system at the other. I’ve read a bit on elevators but what do people think about going into the wall and dropping into the unfinished basement and then resurfacing. I’ll stay away from power lines; I promise. Is this worse than leaving on the floor or under carpet? Better?

All thoughts much appreciated. Thanks!

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If you can move the power amps to the speaker end of the room the speaker cables will be a lot shorter if you are using “audiophile” cables. If not then you sholdn’t have any issues dropping the high level speaker leads thru the floor.

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Whatever touches the speaker cable, becomes part of the speaker cable. Danny from GR Research’s words. After recently elevating my cable’s off the carpeted floor, I’m a believer.

If I had to run my speaker cables through the wall, I’d try to let them hang in between the wall, so they’re not touching anything, as much as possible. I’d probably make cardboard strips and staple the ends together on the 2x4’s, so as to create a loop that the cable would slip through, thereby minimizing the cables contact with other surfaces.

Or perhaps something like this:

If running the cable horizontally, I’d just drill holes in the middle of the 2x4’s, and let the cable rest on the wood. If dropping the cable vertically, I’d pass it through some sort of non conductive loop, excluding plastic, that would keep the cable from touching other wires, or the back side of the drywall.

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