Speaker cable length

I have a question. I know Paul has done videos and posts on this subject. But i have a question. Does anyone know if I would hear a sonic difference in speaker cables from 7’ to 10’ length. The reason I ask is I can get a great deal on MG Audio Planus IV 10’ speaker cables. Or I can get a tad less deal on the same pair in 7’. PS Audio BHK 300’s with Magnepan 20.7’s in house.

Paul, maybe you can shed a thought? I need to know asap. I feel I will not hear a difference and the 10’ maybe better resale if I choose down the road.

You won’t hear a difference. I don’t think you’d hear a difference if you used one 10’ and one 7’. Speakers are likely more different than the effect a cable length differences.

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I always try to do the same due to my OCD, same applies for XLR…again OCD

MG Audio site doesn’t reference series IV, Only III ?

Look again

Planus IV Speaker Cable

No I meant a pair of 7’ vs 10’ pair sonic difference. But I assume there is not a sonic difference I will hear. Now maybe going form say 6’ to 20’ then maybe

I was on the pricing page and I only saw III So my error. Paul swore by MG Audio so great cables

Not even Superman could hear a difference.

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Paul has suggested, in the past, anything below 12’ was a good length and considered short.

I recently asked this question of John McDonald, President of Audience AV. He suggested the speaker cables be of the same length if possible. He said you probably would not be able to notice the difference, but resistance would be slightly unbalanced due to the different cables lengths, especially if the length differential was pronounced.

The cable designer for Wireworld when demonstrating his cables at an event locally said in his humble opinion speaker cables should never be shorter than three meters. He seems like a knowledgeable fellow to me. I try to follow this advice but I am currently listen to a pair of six foot Iconoclast SPTCP cables that I bough5 used. They seem nice.

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Opinions vary. One I’ve seen is the best length for SPDIF digital coax is 1.5 meters. I’ve dealt with Galen Carol on a couple of things. I think he’s a knowledgeable audio man.

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Interesting article. Enjoy the music :wink:

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I could hear a difference between 10 foot and 5 foot Iconoclast cables when auditioning versus purchase. Not sure about your brand. Maybe it was break in time but Galen Garis says shorter is better. If your coiling the extra length. Even more so because of impedance.

I need to sit down with some of you folks when you’re doing these tests so you can tell me about the differences you’re hearing. Not saying you’re making things up at all, but I want to understand exactly what it is you’re noticing. (Even if I can’t hear it.)

(I might sound sarcastic here, but I’m really not trying to be. I guess I’m just in awe of either your ears or your audio system – or both. In awe more than jealous, because if I COULD hear differences between five feet of speaker cable, I believe I would go properly insane.)

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I always go back to a reference piece of music. Listen to it before change. Swap component or IC or digital cable.

Listen to entire piece for difference then note the time on recording. Listen several more time to snippet. Swap back ho right to the snippet listen for discerning difference.

My speakers are line arrays 40 drivers per side small changes literally jump out at you in changes of volume, distance forward or aft in sound stage. Why do you think PS Audio uses IRS V? It’s because they are resolving line arrays.

I have hosted music parties and did swaps or pretended to and asked folks to pick out differences. Nearly everyone will hear differences. Or no change if I tried to fool them

I don’t think a 3’ difference is enough to have an audible impact. Also, 10’ for speaker cables is on the longish side, but doesn’t raise any red flags for me. I would snag them right away if the deal is good enough!


Exactly, I get that it’s true, and I’ve done many of these things.

A different set of speakers will have a different sound signature. That I get.

A different amp or pre might be more resolving, or warmer, or whatever. That I get.

Trick for me is my audio memory, I guess. If there was an easy “switching” component, or a way to close my eyes and instantly switch between two sources/cables, keeping volume exactly the same, and noting differences if any, that would be great.

I think of being at the optometrist, and they say, “which is clearer? One, or two? One, or two?” And they swap the lenses back and forth, and even then sometimes it’s a flip of the coin.

But when I listen, and then have to get up and change out components/cables, and it takes a few minutes, the act of futzing with the stuff fades the memory of the sound.

Say I pick out a sound on “A.” Maybe a cymbal being lightly tapped, or a guitar string buzzing on a fret, or a warble in a singer’s voice at a certain frequency or volume. Then if I can go back and compare, and not hear it on “B,” well that’s cool, and I think pretty significant.

But when you get down to being able to pick out sonic differences due to a five-foot change in the lengths of a speaker cable, I am amazed. Like I said, I’d love to join you for these comparisons.

The one big change i really honestly heard was when, using Roon, I tried HQPlayer’s filtering/upsampling. That was a positive difference I really could identify. It was revelatory. So I get it, and I love that there are these differences.

But I think my ears (and undoubtedly my system) are not up to the standards of many here.

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Well stated. Some ears/systems are much more resolving than mine; the ears are 70 years old. I remember someone reporting that with some change left or right channel, they could actually hear a difference in soundstage between left and right channels! I would have loved to be there.

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