Decisions...Decisions on a pair of 2' balanced interconnects for $300 or less

I’ve been trying to decide on a new pair of inteconnects around 2 feet in length.
I’ve been looking at Cullen cable, Triode Wire Labs, Audio Envy and Ice Age Audio.

I’ve emailed a couple of the above companies; to ask if I can get them in 2’ or 2.5’ max.
I don’t need interconnects any longer than 2.5’.

What do y’all use for interconnects $300.00 or less? Are they 2.5 feet or less?

Thanks for any input,


Go over to Blue Jeans Cable. Great guys that know their cables.


I’ve used and like the Better Cables Blue Truth series and Audioquest Mackenzie balanced I/Cs. Both are available in shorter lengths (0.75m or 0.5m) as I recall and cost is around $200 a pair.


Kimber Hero. 0.5 meter XLR always in stock at Music Direct and well within your $300 ceiling.
I recently rewired my system with Cardas Clear Sky as an upgrade from Hero, but I happily used Hero in my system for a good three years and I still keep a box of Hero ICs in my closet as backups.


There is a pair of zu event mk II on sale:

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Thanks for all the input.
I will definitely look into these brands.

I have used the Audio Envy cables in both Balanced and SE form for over a year. Great cables at a really good price and Cap is easy to work with. He’s built me one of each type in 2’ length.

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For short lengths, I think Anti-Cables might be a good choice.

Check them out at: Anti-Cables XLR Balanced Cable Page

The site often has trade-in’s, returns and new stuff on “special”.

And I am pretty sure that custom lengths are available.

I use their speaker cables and I think they are very good/effective.

Let us know where you land, so to speak.

  1. Blue Jean Cables , yes they know their cables ( within your budget
    2.Audio Envy
  2. Wywire my favorite but can be expensive
  3. TWL
    based on my experience
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I thank you all, for your input.
I pulled the trigger on Audio Envy;
I ordered the O’nestian 4:4.
I look forward to installing them!

Thank you all!

Congrat’s I think you’ll like them. Using the same cable between DAC and preamp and preamp and amp. Also the AES cable between transport and DAC.

Great choice on the Audio Envy cables IMO. I’ve been using their balanced, se and speaker cables for about 6 months and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve quit looking for cable upgrades. You also have 45 days to evaluate them which makes them a no brainer to try. Hope they work well in your system.

Well I’ve had the O’nestian 4:4 XLR interconnects in my system for approx. 2 weeks now.
They aren’t finished “settling-in” yet; but already, I am loving what I’m hearing!
These are excellent cables! Great value also!