Speaker Settings Large vs Small

I have a modest 5.1 system, Kef R300 front speakers with a subwoofer. When listening to music in stereo, should the speakers be set to large with the subwoofer set for double bass?

Wish it was a simple black or white answer… but it depends (i.e. gray zone)… For most pure stereo setups, I would recommend running the front speakers full range and then dial in the subwoofer only to support the lowest notes. With an AVR, if you have the ability to run the front full range (i.e. large) and the cross over point to the subwoofer is low enough that you do not hear the location (and you can place it to reduce locationing), then that is ideal. Most of the time, I’ve found that AVRs will perform better with the fronts set to small however…

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Thanks! Small seems to sound better to me but I think Paul favors running speakers full range.

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Hi @tomtb13,

Always go with what sounds best to you, no matter what anyone else says.