Subwoofer Advice


My system which is posted here is in a small room. I’ve got a large house with stuff in every room. My wife and I came to an agreement that this would be my domain, so a larger room is out of the question. I use KEF 201/2 three way stand mount speakers with BHK 300’s and a BHK Pre. I’m going to incorporate a subwoofer for a little more punch.

Am I better off with two smaller REL woofers like the T/7i or would I be better off with a single SVS SB4000.

I can get REL T/7i locally for a good price and another source has the SVS SB4000.


I have 2 REL S-3 subs to go along with Sonus Faber Elipsa SE’s. I would not want to be without the 2 REL’s. They add an atmosphere and depth that is astounding.


Get the two REL’s.


I just bought a REL T/5i for my office, which is a bit smaller than your space appears to be. It really pressurizes the room and with a little tweaking blends nicely (and disappears) with my stand-mounted Anthony Gallo Acoustics Reference Strada (MK I) speakers. Check out the “ti” line here: REL ti series. You appear to have the means, so I would recommend that you try/buy two (2) of one of these nice, compact models and plop them down somewhere close to your L & R’s as a stereo pair. My He-man rig has a big, dual 12 inch driver, down-firing SVS ported subwoofer with a 1000 watt amplifier; but I am really impressed with how powerful and “clean-sounding” the little REL is. FWIW.



See my post below.




Aesthetically, the REL’s will look like they were custom made for your set up.



In my experience, go with two units that reach the depths you’re trying to achieve. I have two 12" sealed servo-controlled, driven by M700 outputs. I need not for pressurization! They barely break a sweat but they are solely missed when turned off.

It’s not completely clear how small your space but I would expect there will be several modal frequencies to try and deal with, two sources makes the problem a fair bit more manageable.

Search for a calculator that will, based on the dimensions of the space, tell you which frequencies will be a problem.

A tool like REW and a $100 microphone are invaluable in truly dialing them in…by ear can be very good but I find the measurements get one there so much quicker.

Explore convolution filters to help as well.


Yeah, what they said, get the two. To place them correctly, put the first on your listening chair, turn it on, and crawl around the room in the corners and listen for what bass sounds the most natural. Mark this spot. Put the first sub there. Turn on that sub, then repeat with the second sub with it in your chair and you crawling around the room looking for the good sounding spot. When you find it, put the second sub there. Chances are the first will go in back of one of the speakers far enough away from a corner, then the other will be around the same place for the other channel, but your room may vary.

Best of luck!


I have 2-REL S3 that compliment a pair of Audio Physic Avanti’s and they transform the acoustic presentation to a completely different level. The presentation has that authority that is convincing and visceral. The subs will transform your experience, REL’s seem to intergrate well to the main speakers.! Nice setup, what are the acoustic devices in the corners?


Single SVS PC-2000 in the center, or even hidden should do it well. Would blend easier at any crossover frequency. Two would blow your mind.


That is not what the measurements show. Two or more, though I believe beyond 3 is case of rapidly diminishing returns, are much more capable of smoothing the peaks and valleys of response in a given space. It’s less about head room, though this is a nice benefit, it’s about smoothing the response in more areas of the space.


Great looking system!I am with the others that suggest the two RELs would be the way to go. Let us know which way you wind up and send more pictures!