Speakers - Ceiling

Looking for recommendations for ceiling speakers for a kitchen. My wife & I spend a great deal of time in the kitchen cooking and would like to upgrade my setup. Current speakers were put in when we built the house (2000). Speakers would only be used for listening to music. Right now I’m just using a budget Pioneer receiver to power the speakers. Would like to upgrade the entire system starting with speakers. Thinking about the Strata after the speaker upgrade. Thanks in advance

This doesn’t directly answer your question but it may help. I also spend a great deal of time in the kitchen. We happen to have an open floor plan so I placed a pair of Kef iQ3s on top of the china hutch. They are hard wired to most of my main system in the basement. I can play anything connected to the preamp. The preamp has two sets of outputs. The balanced pair goes to my M1200s and the single ended ones go to an Adcom GFA-545 to power the small speakers in the dinning room. All I ever listen to is background music while cooking. That works really well for me. Good luck!

We use a device that has wide dispersion, receives music via Bluetooth, airplay, upnp and Roon, takes up very little space, goes crazy loud and wipes clean with a wet cloth. There are several such devices.

There is a new system coming out in a few weeks, connects to anything and invisible.

I put these in my bedroom. Because the mid and treble is at a 30 degree angle, there is much more stereo separation at the listening position than most in-ceiling speakers. If the location is suitable for this implementation, I highly recommend.

I have actually looked at these and wondered how they were. Thanks for you input.

Sonance, B&W, Klipsh and Boston Acoustics are all good at various price points. If you know what was installed originally you might be able to get an upgrade that will fit the same hole.