Help me spend my tax return. lol

So my system consists of the Stellar Stack with Mono 700’s. Speakers are Jade 5. All are contained in a small room, (11 x 14 x 8) that triples as my bedroom, listening room and studio for on air internet house music shows.
The speakers have to be toed in to the extreme to cross in front of me. Imagining is fantastic listening in the near field as I am forced to do because of the room. Speakers are tipped up a bit on the top end. Bass is good but ill defined on all but top recordings. Instrument tonal quality is only okey. ( my taste in music varies from classical to jazz to house and disco. I use bass traps in the front corners and a combo of diffusion and absorption panels on the rear wall. I had panels behind the speakers but removed them to a dramatic improvement in sound.

So I’m thinking I need to update the speakers - trying to keep a 3,500 limit on the purchase. I was waiting for the stellar speakers but I give up. Any ideas?

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Spend money on room treatment first. You may discover you don’t need new speakers. And if it turns out you still do, your next speakers will sound even better than they would have.

Thanks for the reply. I currently have corner bass traps in the corners of the front wall and combination diffuser/ absorbers on the back wall that I got from GIK 2 years ago. I had the diffurer/absorber combos on the front wall too but whenever I removed them the sound got much better. I probably go back to GIK to see what they suggest. … Thanks again

Have you tried or do you have room to try subs? In your room situation monitors and subs may work out better.

I don’t mind relieving you of this burden of a decision.

I’ll send you my bank transfer info.

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With room treatment I’d always get the bass sorted first with the best traps that you can house (I have large RPG triangular traps in a couple of the corners with flatter (rectangular) traps in the other corners). Putting lots of high frequency absorption in the room (e.g. large 1" or 2" panels) will dampen the treble dramatically and unless you have a means to EQ it upwards the room will sound horribly dead and bass heavy. I’ve gone for lots of absorption and no diffusion (panels don’t look too bad but diffusers aren’t as domestically acceptable) - I wanted to recreate a lot of the benefits of headphones but in a big room using real large speakers).

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when i first saw this i thought it said “retirement” and I thought FINALLY some levelheadedness on the forum but nevermind

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I would never advocate for levelheadedness. Who do you take me for? :rofl:

Something like the Stellar P3 would fit the bill and would improve the system across the board. Bass would get tighter and sense of space would be more believable. What source are you normally listening to?

Hello. Using mostly Qobuz for listening pleasure and pioneer dj gear for broadcasting. The P3 will work with the m 700s,

Check out Legacy Calibre Speakers - I have these with my BHK 250

I’d start by decreasing toe in. IMO, they should cross just behind your listening position.

I experimented with all kinds of placement in my room it works best. I tried it all.

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Hello Whiz Kind.
Trusting your judgement I ordering the P3.
Thank You for your suggestion.


Just wondering if you purchased the p3

I did purchase the P3 about a year ago. While I’d like to say it made a huge difference it did not. Itydid make undeniable improvements in clarity and top end definition in my system. Frankly now I would consider it an essential element of my system from here forward. I found the improvement in my system was more pronounced at the Filtered setting for the amps.