Sprout 100-all digital?

The following was noted on one of the Roon boards:

“The Sprout 100 converts analogue inputs to digital and therefore will use it’s internal PCM192kHz DAC all the time - there’s no way to by-pass it’s internal DAC (which sounds great to me by the way).”

Is that true? Do all the analog inputs get A/D’d prior to amplification? Just curious.

While I don’t own a Sprout I looked at the specs on the website and read one of the reviews and there was no mention of an ADC. Quite honestly, I don’t know why they would do that since amplification is in the analog domain. My vote is that “Roon information” is incorrect, but hopefully someone from PS Audio will notice this and answer definitively!

I think Paul may have said that Sprout100 uses a digital volume control which requires that all signals be digital at that point.

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Yes Paul confirmed it in thread titled Sprout100 volume control.
2nd post ;
volume control in the Sprout100 uses the ESS DAC volume control which affords a lossless signal and works quite well. It’s a great little integrated.

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Thank you for the clarification. It sounds great I just wasn’t clear.

Now to decide whether to buy that phono stage y’all sell while Music Direct has their special financing deal…