Sprout100 Analog In

I have the Sprout100 but this is really an analogue in/out question, and I am no expert here, need board expertise. Specs do not say because they assume reasonably that if you buy such a device, you understand this stuff. I think I do, but I am not completely sure. So here goes, I hooked up my external DAC to the Sprout100 via analogue inputs and then obviously normal connection to my KEF LS50metas.

So here lies the question: If 192/24 into the DAC (via USB) it must be 192/24 out of the Sprout to my speakers, Correct?

It has to be right? And if so, I just found a way to somehow juice up my Sprout100 because it is louder and Quiter via the superior DAC.

I’m confused by the question in two ways:

Firstly, the output of the dac is analogue so it’s no longer digital - the dac is a Digital to Analogue Converter, in your case digital, transported via USB, to analogue out.

Secondly how can something be both louder and quieter?

So I lost my mind there for a second. Lovin this stuff but understanding how it all works are two different things.

  1. The DAC converts the 192/24 into analogue and passes it through to the Sprout as analogue, and all is good.

  2. by “Quiet” I mean the specs of my Topping DSPro are superior to the Sprout in terms SNR, Dynamic range THD etc and I can hear or not hear any noise via the DS30 where I could with the Sprout. No hiss at all.

  3. Have no idea why I am feeling more volume.