Sprout 100 vs other Integrateds? Seeking advice

Greetings all,

I’m new to the community and this is my first thread/post. Looking for some advice from the resident experts!

I’m looking for an integrated amp to power my ELAC debut 6.2’s. This would be primarily for vinyl listening, and im currently using the AT LP120 turntable.

I’m very interested in the Sprout 100, which is at the top of my price range. My questions:

1)how is the phono stage overall on this unit? Specifically, will it give the ELACs the power they crave without having to turn the volume all the way up?

2)the other option I’m considering is the Yamaha AS501, which certainly has power…yet negative reviews of its phono stage has caused pause. It also doesn’t have Bluetooth capability (a nice feature on the sprout).

I obviously know that PS is currently packaging my speakers with the sprout, but I’m looking for opinions on those who have actually used them (with vinyl), as well as opinions on how it compares, positively or negatively, with the Yamaha.

I’d really like to get my system in place and not have to upgrade (eg spend more $) for a while.

Thanks in advance for the advice, looking forward to more discussion!


Welcome Greg! You are starting off on the right foot here with the 6.2s! Though they are a decently hard to drive, the Sprout has more than enough power to drive them with ease. No matter the input. The sound from these guys with the Sprout100 is surprisingly big with an ability to image darn well. I’ve mentioned this in another thread, but the release of the Sprout100 was delayed because Darren kept finding small tweaks he wanted to make to the phono stage. The result easily makes it the best input on the Sprout. A close contender with the USB input though. Other than the more powerful output stage, the phono stage was the biggest upgrade we made over the original Sprout’s phono pre. Which was already a pretty darn good phono stage.

I can’t contribute much as far as comparing the Sprout100 vs the AS501. However, there’s a reason we paired the 6.2s with the Sprout. The pairing is darn good.

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Thanks so much, really appreciate the detailed take on things! Pretty close to pulling the trigger

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My son has the original Sprout with the bundle ELACs at that time. He uses a Music Hall MMF2.3 with it. It is very good for vinyl and bluetooth. It is musical and engaging. I would expect the newer bundle to be even better.

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I bought my wife the Sprout100 and Elac 6.2 system for her office 6 months ago and I don’t think a day goes by where she doesn’t say how much she likes it. Use a reasonable set of speaker cables and you’ll be set. I don’t think there is a better unit for the price (Only checked out a few so YMMV). I guess what I am saying is I am firmly in the go with the Sprout camp. Add the great PS Audio return program and it’s at least a super low risk thing to try. Welcome and good luck, Jim

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Thanks for the great input gents, really helpful and exactly what I was looking for.

Sprout is a solid choice…

My daughters boyfriend has Rotel A12 with a Project carbon debut and 6.2’s in his small apartment, I always comment (positivity) on the sound when I stop by

May stretch you budget but another low cost INT to demo


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I have the Sprout 100 with the 6.2 and a Rega Planar 1. I am also using this office system with an ELAC Sub. Mostly listing to vinyl. I think it sounds great with plenty of power. I don’t think you will be disappointed with this system. Besides, you can send it back if you’re not happy. But you won’t!


Glad you’re enjoying it. There really isn’t a lack of power with this system. With the 6.2s you can easily drive people out of the room with the high volume. And before it gets to that point, it’s sounding sweet and smooth.