Sprout 100 makes noise when headphones are plugged in

Hello all, I’ve had my sprout for a few years now, mostly speaker listening. Recently I’ve started using the headphone amp a lot more. I’m having an issue with the device creating electricity kinda staticky sound. Again this is the device itself making the noise. This noise can be heard in the headphone while listening at lower levels. Just to clarify, I’m not hearing the external device noise through the headphone, the noise is also being produced by the headphone. It’s seems to be a fixed sound that doesn’t change with volume adjustment. Once I disconnect the headphones the sound stops and it is dead quiet.

Please help!

Does the noise happen only on plugging in the headphones, or does it happen after that point, while listening? And can you make it happen by touching or moving the headphone’s plug, once inserted?

The noise stars as soon as the 1/4in adapter is plugged in and it is constant. There’s no way of changing when the noise happens except by unplugging the 1/4in adapter. There doesn’t even have to be headphones plugged into the adapter. The noise starts as soon as the headphone amp is activated and the sound is coming from inside the sprout.

So this is not something you hear in the headphones, like the crackling of a noisy switch or poor contacts on a plug or jack. This is a physical noise coming from within the Sprout’s case? That’s really odd.

Sorry it’s strange. The same noise that I hear coming from the physical sprout, is also in the headphone. Sorry I feel like it’s a difficult thing to describe. But in a nutshell noisy sprout and noisy headphones

Maybe @jamesh has a thought he’d care to toss out here. Once you get past dirty jacks with poor contact, I’m useless. :wink:

HahahHa thanks Craig I appreciate you!

Sorry to hear about the problems with that Sprout!

This is a sign of a defective ICE module (amp and power board) and will need to come in to be repaired - contact service@psaudio.com and we’ll get you an RMA ASAP!