Noise in Headphone Jack

I just got a Sprout today, but my excitement was pretty quickly washed away when I noticed how much noise existed out of the headphone jack. I get an audible hum coming out of my headphones at virtually every level of volume. I’ve got several big-box store receivers and they only do that when driven past reference levels.

Is this by design?

If not, here’s some info:

  • I'm using low impedance headphones (Audio Technica AD900, M50x, M30x)
  • Noise is present on each pair
  • I've tried different power outlets with no change
  • Noise occurs even when disconnected from my computer
  • The pitch and volume of the noise changes as volume is increased. It gets louder and higher to about 90 degrees then gets much more quiet and very low
  • I've let the unit warm up and have played a few hours of music on it
  • Speakers have not been tested yet

That doesn’t sound right, especially the part about “at every level of volume”. I have seen some headphones so sensitive they have a problem at Sprout’s lowest gain settings, but not like this.

Can we get that back and have a look at it, or we’ll just replace it for you?

Thanks,. Paul. I wasn’t expecting such a fast reply. Much appreciated :slight_smile: I’ll reach out for more details.

Hi Josh, Scott McGowan here, thanks for your patience with my reply. This doesn’t sound quite right, and I hope all is well with the internal shielding. Would you like a replacement? Please reach out to (our customer service manager) or of course just call in and we can fix you up with an RMA. Thanks, and sorry for the issue.




Got my new Sprout in the mail last week, and all I can say is WOW! What a great device! Thanks Paul/Scott/Duncan for getting this resolved for me. I’ll be putting up impressions soon :slight_smile:


Hi Sprout!

I’m experiencing the same symptoms as the original poster.

Whenever I plug in my headphones into the headphone jack regardless of volume I can hear a hum which raises with volume. You can imagine kills the experience :frowning:

My headphone: SennheiserHD598

Sprout: I’m one of the original Kickstarter Campaign backers.

Hope to hear a solution to the problem!

As we never again heard from Josh (the OP), I assume his replacement Sprout resolved the issue.

I suggest giving PS Audio service a call.