Sprout as a Bluetooth "DAC"

My quest to improve my kid’s audio systems continues. All three of them currently have Sprouts or Sprout100s in their home systems (supplied by me); the Sprout100 is wonderfully powering a set of Maggie MMGs!

But I digress. In one kid’s case (this one has an original Sprout), I want to introduce a PrimaLuna tube integrated (the original Prologue One) into his system…he just moved to a very cold place for medical school and needs a room heater :slight_smile:

My question is this: Any reason I can’t use the original Sprout’s analog out plug to feed one of the inputs on the PrimLuna? (With a 3.5mm to RCA adaptor). The reason is so he can use the Sprout for the Bluetooth setting, and listen to files from his phone. His turntable and speakers/sub would be hooked up to the PL directly.

Any reason this wouldn’t work? My goal is to turn the Sprout into a Bluetooth DAC. Then, when he wants to switch things around he can put the tube amp in storage and use the Sprout standalone again.

Seems like it would be fine but I need to make sure since I’m doing all this long-distance and the tube amp is heavy!

Any thoughts are appreciated - Thanks

This is absolutely fine. Just set the Sprout to a comfortable level for the PrimaLuna’s input or visa-versa - and you’re set!

Yup, Sprout makes a dandy little DAC/preamp.