Sprout100 and Schiit Loki

Anyone run a Schiit Loki with their Sprout100? I was thinking of adding one (2nd system in den) but I run a laptop to the sprout (USB) and I can’t figure out how I would connect the Loki to the Sprout?
Anyone do this and if so, do you like it?

Loki is analog. You’d have to put a DAC in front of it and then go to the Sprout.

This is why we need tape loops :slight_smile:


Amen Brother ! You saw my Sony STR-DN1080 hack from last year in preparation for the Stellar Stack ? The Marantz SR5011 Egg Fryer had RCA pre-outs but the Damn thing needed a firmware/software update almost every month and crashed on me twice and went back for Warranty. Good riddance to bad rubbish !

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You’d have to go RCA Out and then RCA In on the Sprout but looping back on a component like that can cause other issues.

Laptop -> New DAC -> Loki -> Sprout would be the right set-up but you need $ for “New DAC” and then, really, the Sprout is reduced to pre-amp / amp. Maybe it’s still a great pre / amp at $699? I don’t know. Does give you full control of the DAC stage though which I find to be important.

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I emailed Schiit and they said in this sitch it’s pretty much a no-go, needs to be between a source and the Sprout.