Sprout in your "normal" system

I’ve only just sorted my system out, adding Coffee USB cable, and Kubala Sosna interconnects and speaker cables.

I’m amazed how well the Sprout responded to the improvement in quality cables - both upstream (USB) and downstream (K-S).

Impressive sound at the price, especially given all the inputs & outputs.

I think it might well displace my starter amp - a HK-990 - for music in the second system. Shoot out to happen in about two weeks time. Sprout might remain as portable.

Has anyone else tried the Sprout in their main system ?

How about in a car ? - I’m having trouble listening to my car radio these days…

PS - is there any way to trim down the lower frequency boost, perhaps in software, then Sprout would be a candidate for driving my second system floor standers - PSB Sync Ones - assuming the Salon2’s arrive.

While the dominance of the boost is a little off-putting for some music (must emphasis peaks of those frequencies) when using floor standers, I think it would be perfect with bookshelf speakers and I’d been wondering why there wasn’t some software or other solution to promote the volume of lower frequencies for speakers that rolled off early. I can see this as a totally self-contained ‘all in one’ solution for use with good bookshelf systems.

e.g Figure 1 from Stereophile :