Another Sprout100

There should be a warning of addiction with all the PS Audio products. Just ordered a second Sprout100 after basking in the first one. My 4th listening room will now be set. This will be with my KEF R300. The first sprout100 is toe-tapping with the KEF Q100. I almost went with the Yamaha AS801 but the beauty and size of the sprout won me over again. KEF loves PS Audio gear.

Much thanks to the guys who suggested the Allo Digione Player, it is hooked to the Stellar M700 and SGCD via SPDIF coaxial. I love the flac streaming Radio Paradise and the sound is heaven like. The Sprouts are getting optical toslink via the August WR320 units and Spotify is back to being a keeper. Music is my paradise in all rooms now.

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The mighty little Sprout is amazing. Not just because it’s my son’s design (and my wife’s favorite) but because it’s just a killer little product. I can’t find anything to compete with it.

@Paul , believe me, I tried finding a better product and scoured the internet far and wide with the price point, power and design and could not find it. Only the Yamaha got so close, but it’s size was the downfall. I would have had to bust the $1k ceiling to find contenders in the same pedigree. Your products have brought me back to the music after a long hiatus in the land of multichannel sound, not music. Thanks to you and Scott for materializing our enthusiasm into a real thing.