Sprout wood top


I have a question about the Sprout’s wood top. Is it purely aesthethics, or does it serve a purpose? (i.e. cooling)

To further explain my odd question: I am really interested in the Sprout just because it would quench my thirst for minimalism that still delivers quality. But I am not so fond of the wood look. More fan of a silver/alu/black look and it would come to sit next to my Clearaudio Concept turntable.
So I was wondering if I could cover the wood top with let’s say a matte/satin black vinyl sheet, plasticard, … ?


Sprout’s wooden top is purely aesthetic. Below it is a metal substrate. The good news is you can replace it with whatever you wish. The bad news is the top’s glued on and you’ll have to destroy it getting it off - but we do it whenever we have to gain access to Sprout’s innards.

Thank you for that swift response!

Sure and part of it was wrong. Sorry. Access to Sprout’s innards is through the bottom panel. We only remove the wooden top when it has been damaged. Feel free to peel it off - though I will warn you the glue used is some tough stuff. We apparently have to chisel off what remains after removing a top cover to get it smooth again.

One other note. This kind of activity will not void your warranty. As long as whatever you do does not interfere with the product’s operation, you’re free to make such changes with impunity.

Obviously, we won’t warranty the top.itwasntme_gif

I continue to love this about PS Audio… Do what you will with your unit, and unless your actions inhibit normal servicing or are likely the cause of the failure, they will service your unit as any other, including warranty service. Some companies will void the warranty if there is any evidence of simply opening the unit up to inspect or appreciate that which is normally hidden within.


Another fine gesture / clever business decision by the brand indeed!