Expected "fit and finish" of Sprout 100?

Hi listeners,
Here’s a question for Sprout 100 owners: Has the “fit and finish” of your Sprout 100 been on the mark? I was excited to have just received mine, purchased direct, and was surprised by the rear panel alignment, wood top slightly buckling/concave, and signs of schmutz / handling on the bottom panel. I understand these are made in China and not a premiere PS Audio product, so is this “normal?”

That’s not right. I suggest you contact PSA Customer Service, Mark Simpson (720) 402-3921.


Thanks for the feedback, I was worried I was being way too “OCD.”

Fit and finish were as I would expect on my Sprout100, none of the issues you show and describe.


Welcome @ybakos !

As already suggested, do contact PS Audio and ask them to address this.

Hmm… the PSA service folks are great and I appreciate the help. But, the replacement unit I have received still has the wood buckling, plus scratches on the bottom panel, feet askew from the adhesive, and it has a bit of a wobble (doesn’t sit flat/stable). Is this within acceptable spec due to widespread manufacturing hiccups? If so, I’d rather wait things out or find an older build used rather than waste PSA’s time.

The wood top looks right to me. During testing, the feet can shift a little. That wobble kind of stinks though. Continue working with the service dudes if you want some help.

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I bought the Sprout Elac system for my wife’s office and the unit came in perfect condition (2yrs ago) no wobble and looked great. I imagine it’s a pain but stick with it PS Audio backs their stuff, even the Sprout, you’ll get what you paid for. Just a customer, no connection to PSA other than that. Good Luck, Jim