Analogue In Source/Connections (Sprout100)

Trying to understand if there are any benefits/drawbacks in using the Analogue in source on my Sprout100 vs the internal Digital source. So, I have an external DAC, a Topping DS30 Pro, which technically is superior to the Sabre DAC inside of the Sprout100 if you look at the specs of both.

This gives me two choices when coming from my Volumio streamer. I can go directly to the Sprout via USB to the digital source connections or go to the analogue inputs via the topping DACs analogue out ( ie USB into the DAC then analogue to the Sprout.) So, what I am trying to understand is technically, does the Sprout present any advantages/disadvantages in sound originating from an external DAC via analogue inputs, vs sound coming from its own internal DAC?

I know what I think I am hearing but I always like to know what I should be hearing.

Hope that is clear and any comments are appreciated.

This may be of some help:

Yes and that’s the point and a great feature of the Sprout. You would hook up the Geshellie DAC to the Sprout100s analogue connections and then use the Analgue setting on the Sprout. That means you bypass the Sabre DAC in the Sprout and use your own. If you compare, please post back on the differences.

Well, according to James, who has always been 100% right on for me, you can’t completely bypass the Sprout DAC, but you would be hearing the benefits of the better DAC. Personally, if I can’t completely bypass it’s DAC, I’m not sure it’s worth it. I did run my Chord Mojo2 DAC through it and it did seem to sound a bit crisper than the Sprout DAC (which I really don’t care for), but I was not convinced it was worth it. I LOVE the amp section of the Sprout (esp for a class D) but the DAC is the weakpoint…but it’s not too bad. and I am just keeping it stock (it’s no longer is my den system tho, now replaced by a Schiit Vidar).

Interesting, please have James explain how you are not bypassing the Sprout DAC if you are already analogue signal? If it is already analogue, there is nothing for a DAC to do, correct, a DAC is a digital to analogue conversion.

My concern was do the analogue inputs introduce any noise or other impediments that would take away from the superior DAC? So, if you run the Chord DAC through it, and agree that is a superior DAC, then why not do it?

Perhaps we are missing something. Perhaps others no more?

Thank you for your responses.