Stable Setup - Suggestions (OSX)


What are some of you using for a media setup… I am having trouble getting anything that doesn’t seem to constantly need fiddling to get it to to work… This includes (on OSX):

eLyric - I currently can’t see the server… tried reload etc. no good… I see other media servers on same box… tried different port. etc. It was working but quit… even when working it took forever for the ipad to see the server and DAC…

MediaServer JRiver - the JRiver remote sometimes works without having to reboot the app or the server but rarely… Media Server… well it is in the “works” so understandably isn’t always working right…

Audirvana - seem to be the most stable even in iTunes mode… but I had not planned on having a computer in the rack…

Amarra - had nothing but trouble… had to go back a version of iTunes etc… not a good experience… eventually ran though…

Somehow I need to get this so my wife can use it without being frustrated… or even myself coming home from a long day at work… Do I need to break down and put a computer in the rack and forget it?.. Suggestions…



Hate to give discouraging news, and it appears like you may be using the bridge with Apple operating system, but yes in this configuration there is lots of fiddling to get it all started. Once it is going it runs pretty well, but usually one does have to fiddle and sometimes a lot. This makes it difficult for anyone else in the family to use.

There are several solutions:

1. WaveStream is finally tweaked and finished and it starts working as advertised. It is still Beta ware though. This may still be many months away from a release for PC and even longer for Mac.

2. The Silent Server ( a small custom built computer built by PS Audio) becomes a real product and becomes available which could connect to the amusing the bridge to be converted into a network card. (Apparently years away)

3. Stop using the Bridge and connect to a PC using USB which probably is the best working system available now. JRiver works very well this way. Most still give the temperamental bridge the slight nod SQ wise though.

The good news, You have bought one of the best sounding DACs available today, but the network player(which can sound fabulous) side is sadly still under development.

Steven B-)



I would also add that market share around windows platforms means that developers of the audio technologies tend to focus on that pathway first, rather than mac, b/c they need to get product out to the largest market. So by using mac, which I think is sensible given their generally superior hardware, you stack the odds against yourself for getting a reliable network solution in the short term.


I’m using a dedicated Mac mini as my server right now and have to say EMM has been pretty stable for me since I switched. Of course I have nothing else running on it. EMM is configured to to stream all albums as gapless which works well for me as I don’t create a lot of playlists or bounce around through albums much. Also, all my music is on a LaCie external drive connected via Thunderbolt.

Running JRiver on this system is not as stable, crashes every few days and of course no gapless.



My setup is a Synology DS213 NAS running MinimServer, feeding the Bridge, with eLyric control point on the iPad. This is a very stable setup for me now. I did upgrade my network switch and set static ip addresses; since then, essentially no issues. No gapless, though, but excellent SQ.