Stacking BHK 300s

I recently purchased two bhk 300s. Due to space issues I’m directly stacking them on top of each other. Are there any issues with this ( sonic degradation, longevity, etc)?

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The only issue at all is heat. Just make sure they don’t get too hot as the bottom one will heat the top one. It should be just fine and something I’ve done before with success. You just want to make sure the sides are opened to the air so it can vent. Sonically
it should be just fine.

Thanks Paul. I’m new here and that’s pretty cool that the owner responds to forum posts.

I had the chance to attend RMAF last weekend and visited your room a couple times. Awesome job, your setup sounded great. One thing I noticed is that when playing digital files your system had somewhat of an analog or I guess another way of putting it is “less digital” sound that I would have thought. Even though your speakers sounded great I have the feeling that this sound I was hearing had more to do with the electronics compared to the speakers. My electronics are somewhat similar to what you had, I have a DSD and dual BHK 300’s. I do not have a power plant nor a BHK pre, I’m using an Anthem AVM-60 and Revel Salon II’s. My setup sounds great but I don’t feel that that analog quality to the sound is near what I heard in your room at RMAF. I understand that room acoustics are king and play a large part in what a listener hears but I feel that would affect imaging, sound stage, bass response and brightness. This was something different and I’m having a hard time putting words to what I’m referring to but the best I can explain it is analog like. Do you feel that it’s the BHK pre or powerplant that’s bringing out this sound? Also FYI all of my PS audio gear is new. My DSD is less than a month old and the 300’s are about a week old, so I’m not sure how much burn in has to do with anything.


If you’re stacking 300’s, I would not remove the feet, so as to leave an air layer between them.

Agreed. I kept them on.

Congrats on the BHK 300’s! There are a bunch of things affecting the sound. Yes, a BHK preamp would make a difference. Yes, the speakers most certainly make a difference (especially the midrange drivers the AN3 has/will have) . I am thinking the powerplants will also make a difference. I have the Stellar preamp and M700 monoblocks (but no powerplants), and also have a Conrad Johnson tube preamp and tube poweramp. I am continually changing what is connected in the system and every change I make in the system does indeed change the tonal character that I am hearing. I suspect that the tonal differences you heard can be attributed mostly to the BHK preamp.

Certainly the sound we got was due to the chain of electronics creating the music in the first place. It all works as a system, and the P20 Power Plants powering that system have a huge impact on crafting that analog sound you like. Your BHK amps will sound
magical powered by a single P20 (we had dual P20s but then…we could). That’s certainly where I would start.

I also would not discount the speakers we used. They were pretty damned good. :slight_smile:

But, I suspect most of what you’re hearing is from the P20 powering the electronics and then break in on what you have.

LOL, by no means was I discounting your speakers because they sounded great. What I was trying to say is that the Salon II’s are no slouch so I doubt much of this had to do with my speakers.

I appreciate your insight on the power plant. I talked to I believe Scott, and another fellow about my setup at RMAF. They both recommended the P15, given my load and not having a 20 amp breaker. Do you concur?