Stellar Beta Review

Let me start out by saying I am so glad P S Audio had this Stellar line in the pipe line the last 2 years for that is how long I’ve waited for C I Audio to bring to market the E 100S stereo power amp. Latest update { changing model #, 100 w to 125 w per ch. and price increase over $1695. no doubt} Still not out, but that is okay for now I’m a proud owner of the S300.

My system: Parasound P5 Preamp - Denon POA 8200 Power Amp B&W CDM1 monitor speakers bi-wired w/ Rocket 44 Audioquest cables, purchased XLR Youkon Audioquest cables for black S300amp- Rega P3 w/ Hana EL cart. - Denon DCD 2560.

Sound is very taut and high impact in low range, clarity and spacial imaging in higher ranges. Visual aesthetics is reminicent of a previous preamp of mine, PSA 5.0 sleek and modern, love the looks.

Thank you PS Audio for bringing your sonics and build quality for the masses and also for the option of black or silver.

Welcome, W T!

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