Stellar Gain Cell DAC and DirectStream Memory Player

I am the proud owner of a Stellar Gain Cell DAC. I am considering purchasing a DirectStream Memory Player for my physical CDs. Are the two compatible? That is, will the I2S output of the DSM player properly feed the input I2S input on the stellar cell with NO compatibility problems? Thank you.

Don’t have either one but that is my understanding, including the ability to play the DSD layer off of SACDs. That’s also what the DACs product info says.

Yes, the DMP will handshake and mate with the GCD to allow DSD support via I2S. When mated, the DMP will sonically outperform any other digital source feeding the GCD. It’s pretty outstanding, especially with redbook.

Thanks for the replies. I always read the manuals before I buy of piece of audio equipment. When I’m not 100% sure if I am interpreting correctly, I go into “Trust but Verify” mode with the experts.

Now my challenge is how do I sneak this into the house unbeknownst to my spouse whose patience with me is growing thin.