Stellar Gain Cell Dac and NuPrime CDT-8

I have had a SGCD and a pair of M700 amps for about two months now. I love the sound of digital files via the SGCD. All my 1100 or so CDs have been loaded onto a computer running Logitech Media Server which I have been using since the days of Slim Devices. My inputs to the SGCD are a Squeezebox Touch and a Wyred4Sound modded Sonos Connect.

I purchased a NuPrime CDT-8 to play CDs and I wanted to try out the I2S connection. The I2S connection only works when I have sample rate conversion (on the CDT) set to DSD 64 or DSD 128. It does not work with sample rate conversion turned off or set to any PCM value.
I also tried using the RCA coax connection. This works fine with sample rate conversion set off or set to any PCM value up to the SGCD limit. I did not test the optical connection. I decided to go with the I2S connection. It sounds great and I just have to decide between DSD 64 and 128.

Glad you’re liking your Gain Cell and M700s!

What differences (if any) do you hear between DSD64 and DSD128 from your NuPrime?

I don’t hear any difference but it’s really too soon to tell.

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hi would you mind sending me detailed infgo on hoe to setup a slim device connexted to a sgcd. thanks

I am running Logitech Media Server, LMS, on a windows computer connected to my home network. My Touch is connected to the same network via wifi and is connected to my SGCD via coax digital. Note the Touch has been out of production for about 7 years now.