Stellar Gain Cell DAC RCA and XLR output at the same time?

Hi Everyone,

This might be a stupid question.

I’m just wondering if I can use RCA and XLR output from the Stellar Gain Cell DAC at the same time?

In my system, I’m connecting the XLR output to the M700 PA now.

I’m thinking about adding a external VU meter in the system just for fun.

If there is still output from the RCA connector while connecting the XLR to the M700, it might be interesting to connect the RCA outputs to external VU meters.

Is this possible, or is there any concern if I do so?

On the other hand, what would be the problem if I use both the RCA and XLR outputs for the 2 sets of PA and speakers?

thank you very much.


Hi Boris… Just one issue, and there may be more, is that, all else equal, a real balanced/XLR interface is +6dB (louder) than an unbalanced/RCA driven by the same output stages and volume setting. So, if you can use both outputs simultaneously, your VU meter would be wrong by 6dB.

Others, please correct me if wrong.

Hi Called,

There is a 6dB difference, but I guess I can do the calibration process in my mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is just a crazy idea for fun. Sometimes it feels good looking at the meter needles jump around with the music.

Thank you you for the comment.