Stellar Gain Cell DAC vs Rotel RC-1590

Hi everyone
I am new to this forum. Nice to see such a vibrant audio community!

I am looking to buy a preamp/DAC and considering the Stellar Gain Cell DAC.
I realise that this is a PS AUDIO forum… but stil, I would like to here your opinion regarding the Rotel RC-1590 in comparison to the GCD, because how closely they are priced and the similar functions they hold.



Welcome, Ziggi

Asking about other manufacturer’s equipment is just fine. There may be someone here who can provide you with a comparison.

The only way to know is to hear them for yourself. PS Audio has a 30 day trial. If you don’t like it, just send it back on their dime. Read the details on the product page.
And I’ve had Rotel components in the past. They’re good, reliable products. But the PSA engineering, aftercare service and post purchase experience all add to the satisfaction of value for money.

+1 to what RonP said. While I can’t give you a direct comparison, I did switch from a Rotel RC-1070 preamp and RB-1080 power amp to the Stellar SGCD and M700’s. I am very happy with the switch and am spending more time listening to music now.

Thank you guys!
RonP: I don’t live in the US, and don’t have the option of 30 days of auditioning the gear.
nahkliahos: I currently own a Rotel rc 972 preamp and a Rotel rb 991 power amp, with Paradigm monitor 9 v6. I kmow Rotel is a decent, reliable manufacturer and each of the two options I’m considering will be an upgrade, I just wondered if it reasonable to expect the GCD to be a cut above the rc-1590? seeing that PS Audio is a high end manufacturer while Rotel is more of a mass market oriented manufacturer…

I traded the Rotel for the NuWave which was much better then traded up to the DSJr. even better. I hope this helps…



I had a Rotel RC-1570 and RB-1582 which I sold to purchase the Stellar GCD and M700’s

I considered upgrading to the RC-1590 but I’ve had various Rotel components in the past and wanted to give something else a try so I sold my Rotel gear and bought the PS Audio gear.

Put simply, I don’t miss the Rotel gear. To my ears, the GCD/M700 combo just sounds “cleaner”
I can hear subtleties in the music I had not been hearing with the Rotel gear. I also like the look and feel of the PS Audio gear and their outstanding commitment to customer service and innovative product development. My speakers are B&W CM8

I can’t speak to this specific comparison, but I’ve demoed a lot of Rotel gear over far too many years and to my ears, Rotel is mostly entry level audio gear with emphasis on bang for the buck (think NAD), whereas I hear PS Audio gear as a higher league of sound.

Thank you guys for all your input!