Stellar Gain Cell DAC

Several weeks ago I wrote about my disappointment with the cosmetic appearance of the beta Stellar GCDAC. Several days ago I returned my beta version to have it updated to the production version. Upon its return, I was elated with the appearance of the unit. It has the same look and feel as my PWT and DSJ. I am very pleased with its looks! The sound? As good as it looks it sounds even better. I have a Classe CP 47.5 pre. Using the Stellar as a pre was most enjoyable. The sound by comparison is more crisp, focused, detailed and enjoyable. The differences were instantly noticeable. Even my wife, who claims to have no interest in such things was impressed with the improvements.

I next set out to compare the Stellar as a dac with my Classe CDP 1.5 cd player. Here the differences were even more obvious. All of the improvements I noticed using it as a pre were even greater using it as a dac. True, its not as good as the DSJ, but its not supposed to be. Still, it was good enough for me to briefly wonder if I could be satisfied returning the DSJ and saving a few bucks. … no, I’m keeping the DSJ.

These comments are intentionally short. In my next post I will include details of my former/current system, the music I used and a review of the bets S-300 I currently have.

Thanks for those kind words. This really made my day.105_gif