Stellar GCD as a preamp only

I’ve heard of people using the GCD as a preamp only. Well, how is it? How does this “color” the sound? Let’s say if I were to get a DS Jr or DS Sr. Is there any benefit to keeping the GCD around as a preamp? I mean other than playing around with gain, which I suppose could be important.

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IMO, the GCD would be beneficial. I use a Wyred4Sound STP-SE2 with my DSJr.

IMHO it’s a great standalone analog preamp with very little colorations and a great sound. I recommend it always in the case where a BHK can’t be afforded.

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This is really helpful. I have the GCD and it’s outstanding, but I had the same question about buying a DSJ and whether to use it in place of the GCD or through the preamp.

I guess the question becomes, what’s the benefit?

The benefits of a preamp? There are plenty. Controlling noise and volume levels of connected equipment, for one. Headphones, sound quality improvement, and so forth. Or, am I missing your question?

If I were to have a quality amp, like a DS Sr with a well implemented digital volume control, would there be a point in the stellar? I don’t need a headphone jack or a gazillion inputs.

Now if it reduced the background hiss of the DS, that would be worthwhile. Or if it matched better with the gain and impedences of the M700s, I’m my case, that would be good. I’m just wondering if there is a direct benefit.