Stellar GCD in HT Bypass

I’m currently evaluating the Stellar Phono and have determined that to get its full benefit, I need to configure a stereo preamp with HT bypass. Since I am running fully balanced, I have found an FAQ that states that the GCD can be used in that way by fixing the gain of one of its inputs. Has anyone here done this and could give their feedback? Were there any gotchas you encountered? I use a universal remote, so can manage the multiple component switches required.



I read on another thread that someone had an issue with DC offset when switching in an out of HT mode. Is this still an issue or was it a defect?

If you’re running the Stellar phono into the Stellar GDAC, I wouldn’t put the GDAC in HT bypass. I’d just go through the analog input 1 and adjust the volume with the pre as you desire.

I’m don’t see how that would work. I was planning to have the SPP connected to the GCD and it’s balanced outs to my front amp. However, for multi-channel support I was looking to use my surround processor into the GCD’s balanced in and set to HT mode so that I could control all channels at once without dealing with multiple volume controls. Can you explain your alternate solution?

It will work no problem for your intended situation. You’ll be feeding the L&R out from your processor to an analog in on the GDAC. You’ll then set that input to be in the HT bypass. This will allow you to just use the processor’s volume control when watching movies. Then the phono pre will be going into a different analog input which is not set to HT bypass. This is when you’ll be using the volume control on the GDAC.

James, that is exactly what I was describing in my response. What confused me is that you recommended not using the HT Bypass. I assume now that you thought I would be hooking the SPP to my processor and not the GCD which is why I replied I would not be but connecting it directly and using the HT Bypass for non-stereo listening. At this point it am I correct that we are in agreement?

Sorry yes, we’re absolutely in agreement. I think the phrasing confused me a little when you mentioned “to get its full benefit, I need to configure a stereo preamp with HT bypass.”