Stellar Gain Cell DAC - NuWave DAC

I just caught sight of the Stellar Gain Cell DAC. happy-048_gif

I have a NuWave DAC which I enjoy…

The concept of the gain cell looks very promising. And, possibly, just what I am looking for.

Anyone can tell me what the similarities (and differences) are between the two DACs?


Why not read up on the equipment page, click on “More Product Details”. There is lots of good info on those pages. After reading you will be able to understand the differences, seeing as you own a NuWave DAC, and know what it is capable of.

I think there are two important differences, the new DAC is also a full functioning remote controlled preamp, and with the DMP transport you will be able to send SACD’s DSD to the new DAC when using the I2S input.

As far as sound quality differences, I have yet to see a comparison. If there are any, I have missed them.

The Stellar sounds significantly better than the NuWave DSD IMHO.

I noticed it can reverse polarity. That is a big plus with me.

I tried searching through the specs and could not fine one thing.

Does it play in native mode?


Yes, there is no sample rate conversion and the DAC plays in Native Mode.

Hello Sir…

I like almost everything about it… but one thing. Its way too wide for my desktop environment. The long narrow/long design of the NuWave DAC works fine. But… can’t do this one. Even though I was honing in rapidly on my radar. No place to land. cry Looks more like something I could land on. I am sure it sounds excellent. The reverse polarity feature is what completely sold me… until I looked up the dimensions.