Stellar Gold DAC, J-River SW, and higher resolution DSD files

Greetings all,

There is a HISS in the background of any double DSD playback (DSD128) using J-River software. DSD 64 will play with no HISS or pops coming into and out of the core audio of the iMac (connected via USB). The J-River SW has settings for single, double, or 4XDSD. The DSD128 files will play in the single rate setting, but as a single rate I believe. I have no DSD256 files, but I was considering a purchase of PS audio’s Christmas tracks. Now, I’ll wait.

I have the current firmware version for the Stellar Gold DAC - 2.5.2. However, when putting the executable files on a thumb drive, the system menu was not blended to see the thumb drive. Could be a formatting issue or maybe I did something wrong. I’d need to push though this issue if we reset and re-install 2.5.2 or higher in the future.

Was the Stellar Gold DAC tested with J-River at all DSD rates? I’m willing to check to see if there is an issue with Roon, but I wasn’t looking to get into a recurring cost just to hear my purchased DSD files.

I’m looking for an answer while in the trial period for the Stellar Gold DAC. Otherwise, I’m happy with the sound. Great Job to the PS Audio Engineering Team,

Happy to be in the Beta Group.

Doug Furia
Denver, CO