Stellar m700 Mono Amps an upgrade from Ayre V-5xe?

My current setup is Auralic Aries G2>DS Jr>Ayre Kx-5eMP>Ayre V-5xe>Focal Sopra 2.
I was wondering if someone has experience or opinions on swapping my Ayre V-5xe amp for a pair of the Stellar m700s. Would it be an upgrade or ? My system sounds amazing, but I have been so impressed with the PS Audio DAC I have to wonder…
Can’t afford what I want the BHK 250.
I know I can try before I buy. I’m the kinda guy who likes to research and learn from others.

I don’t know if it will be an upgrade for you but I am also struggling with choice between M700s or the BHK250. There are several gently used BHK250s for sale from $4000 to $4500. That makes the decision more difficult.

IMHO your best bang for the buck would come from upgrading the DS Jr to a DSD.

I’ve got the Aries G1, and with the DSD the sound is simply “believable”. I’m hearing new stuff in tracks I’ve heard a hundred times.

In my experience, it depends on your speakers. I upgraded but miss my 700s.

I am in a similar situation. I have a directstream senior directly connected to an ayre vx-5 (I used to put the k-5xemp in the middle but I have now removed it). The source is an old auralic aries. Will a pair of stellar m700 be an improvement? My loudspeakers are proac d30 ribbon.