Stellar Phono Preamp shipping

Just finished installing a production unit SPP (not beta) that arrived maybe an hour ago. Sure looking forward to doing a ton of serious listening.

Congratulations, what was the first record spun?

Also, quick question - Is the custom loading potentiometer “detented” or does it spin freely? Nice to have the detents for quick tweets since the pots are on the rear


Manhattan Transfer “Bop Doo-Wopp”, then Jan Akkerman self titled, New Brubeck Quartet “A Cut Above”

The Pots for custom loading are not detented.

Wow, I already loved my SPP, but mid afternoon, I replaced the fuse with an Audio Magic SHD-Beewax Ultimate. Yeah, it cost $225, but what a great value. As great as my listening had been, I only expected a small improvement. What I got was a dramatic improvement, in every way playback can be improved. Currently listening to the 45 rpm Eva Cassidy 7 album box set, “Nightbird”. I’ve been listening to Eva ever since the beginning of her career, and have numerous albums by her. But, never never never has she or the band sounded so fantastic.