Stellar Phono Preamp arrived

So, it arrived today. (Just a minor note------Imagine how pleased I was to have to go out into the deluge to buy batteries to make the remote work. Really, no batteries? You do need the remote.)
Anyways----I’ll let it bake for a few days and then form an opinion.
But so far, it’s glorious. I love the remote controlled gain and loading, so adjustments can be made and evaluated from the listening chair.



What power cord are you using with the SPP? Just curious
Did you get silver? If I recall you have some Pass gear…


Got a silver one. I tried to get an XP-17 but Reno is on pause until October for a major relocation.
I’m glad as this thing seems fabulous.
And I’m using an Audience AU24SX Medium power cable.
It’s connected by Iconoclast UPOCC RCA’s.
Wow, so much in my records that wasn’t there yesterday!

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It’s a wonderful sounding phono preamp. I hope it pleases you! I also wonder how long you will wait before you cover the LEDs to dim the room.

I have two words for you, buddy:

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It’s been so long since I’ve played vinyl that I don’t have anything at it’s level or above to compare the SPP to, but I don’t care. It’s producing joyful sounds and it’s a keeper.


A toast, with due credit to @bootzilla,
Welcome back to the wonderful world of vinyl.


Just wait until it’ broken in!


It definitely gets better with some time. In a world of 5 digit $ and more, phono pre’s, this one performs way above its price point. I’m waiting to see how the new and upcoming PefectWave Phono will best it, its that good.


I compared it to my best at the time and it did very well. Almost a dead heat. It’s a great piece.


That’s almost exactly what Micheal Fremer said. And he was comparing it to his Ypsilon and CH Precision at the time. This Stellar is something else.


I agree, my Stellar Phono makes my Thorens/SME/Ortofon combo sing.


There’s just something so special, so believable when you have a good analog system that even the best digital can’t match.


Hard for me to compare because my vintage LP collection was gifted to me by my father (along with his Thorens with SME ‘arm), and there’s very little overlap with my cd collection. I guess I could probably find them on Qobuz and stream them.

But in any case, the Stellar Phono is sublime.
Bravo @DarrenMyers and PSA !

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Congratulations on the new addition! I love my SPP - it’s one of those components that you add and say “job done”.

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I tried the SPP on two occasions very early on in its production, and was part of the beta test. The sound was fab, but both had some odd issues with ESD (with smoke and everything!). I sent them back, assuming it wasn’t meant to be.

Threads like this tempt me to make one last attempt! (Third time’s the charm?)



What’s ESD ?

sorry, Electro-Static Discharge


I’ve had mine for almost two years and I still love it! It’s a great piece of equipment that seems to get better with age.

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Does anyone have suggestions as to why my Stellar phono preamp doesn’t produce any sound through my system? My Rega turntable is plugged into it, the Stellar’s output is plugged into a McIntosh C48 preamp. The cartridge loading is set properly, everything lights up, the phono stage is not muted, but no sound from the system. When I plug the Rega into the McIntosh preamps phono stage, all works perfectly. The Stellar had been working just fine prior to this situation. I’ve emailed PS Audio tech help and haven’t received a response yet. I guess I will packing this thing up and sending it to PS Audio if I can get a return authorization unless someone has any advice. So far, PS Audio’s help via phone call and email has been non-existent…