Stellar Phono Preamp Whistle

I got the Stellar Phono Preamp several months ago, and have been troubled by a variable whistling noise, usually in both channels, from the beginning I am using a Rega P6 turntable with the Rega MC cartridge. I have tried re-routing all cables related to the SPP; I have started using XLR balanced cables from the SPP to my main preamp, and most recently I have attached ferrite chokes to all the cables related to the SPP. After speaking to someone at PS Audio for technical assistance, I started using the variable loading feature which helped some.

I have found one other thread dealing with this problem. I would appreciate any current recommendations regarding this problem. I note that one reviewer mentioned this problem.

What other components do you have in close proximity

The Rega P6 is next to the preamp, but the preamp is relatively isolated from all other gear.

Rega’s have integrated cables. Whenever I’ve had a sound anomaly with my Rega P8 it’s been cable related. I would check the cables in the cartridge and also the rca’s and their integrity.

Thanks for your help.

I agree with this. I had a similar issue with mine. Had to move it away from my amp and make sure the rcas from the turntable were SUPER tight.

It’s worth trying a pair from Bluejeans cables. A number of folks have had luck with their cables when this noise has presented itself.

HI James, the OP has a REGA turntable they have integrated cables. Not user upgradable without a lot of work to remove a soldered cable.