Stellar Phono Preamp - Wow!

I just received my Stellar Phono Preamp and started to break it in with some old standards. Just played Comfortably Numb and was totally blown away. The presentation was natural without losing any detail. Mids were more clear and bass extension was better. My prior phono stage was a Bryston card that was added to my BP17 cubed preamp. It did the job but the Stellar really brings out the best in my gear.

My front end is a Pro-Ject RM 1.3 with a Sumiko Pearl MM cartridge but I know the Stellar will be able to handle a better rig if I upgrade in the future.

My PSA Direct Stream made me leave my vinyl collection but this puppy makes me want to listen to all my records again.

Great job Darren and the PS Audio Team!



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There is just something about listening to vinyl that is so comforting. You can rest assure that this Stellar Phono will sound even better as you upgrade your cartridge and turntable as Micheal Fremer of Stereophile can testify.


Thanks! The only thing I ever worried about with launching the Stellar preamp is having it be part of the Stellar line. Why? Because many people associate our Stellar line with budget performance. And that’s not true, especially with this preamp. In a PerfectWave chassis there wouldn’t be a question as to whether or not it belonged.


I think it fits great in Stellar with the M1200 anyway. Now just need to upgrade the Stellar linestage preamp to be worthy of the M1200 and Phono Pre. Keep SGCD to pair with S300 and M700. (easy for me to say, lol)

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Agreed. A dedicated preamp in the Stellar line would be great. I know Darren would be able to design one that would exceed the expectation from a preamp in the “Stellar Line.” We’d also need to make a dedicated DAC as well… :thinking:

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Stellar Junior Dac (scaled back DSMK2). Easy!

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Why not PerfectWave new amps? Awaiting a new Phono Pre with PerfectWave chassis, I was wondering: from M1200s to BHK 300s/600s would it be something in the middle? Again in a PerfectWave chassis (more space under the bone than Stellar + tubes finally not horizontally and easy to access to roll them compared to M1200 + class D more powerfull than M1200 but less space on the rack than BHK 300s + easy to move + more affordable than BHK + Darren designed of course).
What do you think about it?

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There already is something in middle - BHK S250.

Mono amps, I’m referring to.

Paul, that thought did cross my mind but after reading reviews and posts in this forum it was clear to me that this was a high end performer at a more reasonable price point. I love gear that can punch above their weight!


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My only feature request would be an option to dim the blue LEDs. They are quite bright and even when the unit is in sleep mode there is still blue under carriage lighting. Not sure if it’s for effect but it seems unnecessary.

Thanks, Alan

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The stellar phono preamp doubles as a nightlight, who would have thought? :joy: :joy: :joy:

Best of luck with it Alan!


OK, I’m in. Make the Stellar Preamp and DAC and I’ll buy both. I love my SGCD but having separates would be nice. Very nice.