Stellar Phono big deal, $1,000 off

I can confirm, a great Phono, many possible adjustments and a fantastic and very silent MC stage

It has some idiosyncrasies but it’s a darn good phono preamp. It sounds nice.

What are the idiosyncrasies?

TY, Joe

Some have reported a susceptibility to hum, and spurious noise, for example with Rega turntables. Grounding and shielding are important. The noise is self revealing upon initial set-up. I should add I have no dog in this race.

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I’d jump on this, even in retirement, if I wasn’t so happy with my Channel Islands unit.

Weedeewop covered them.

It’s a great deal. Like Craig I’m happy with what I have and though tempted if I were to buy another phono preamp it would be an all tube unit.

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The Stellar Phono impressed the hell out of me when I had one in my system a few years back. I can’t think of another phono preamp in that price range that I would consider. Plus it has 3000 different colored LED lights to scare the cat.


I like the way you think

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A real statement product. I really enjoyed it when I had one. If it wasn’t for moving out of the country I would still have it. The only niggle I have is it doesn’t retain the settings when turned off.

If kept in stb it maintains the settings, not even my Mark Levinson preamp maintains the settings if completely turned off (like all devices unless they have an internal battery)
In my opinion the strong point of this phono is the MC section, it manages to make the cartridges sound very good, even cheap ones like the Denon DL103, without SUT

I have to yell at my cables to get them to do their job if I power down.

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