Stellar Pre / BHK250 - HT bypass issue

When you mute it, then the DC discharge happens when you unmute it. I have tried everything two years ago. Only option is not to use this function.

Same issue with my Stellar Gain Cell and M700 combo. The only solution I’ve come up with is to get up and put the M700s into standby mode before I switch from a digital source to the HT bypass.

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A programmable remote or app on phone can sequence this for you. I don’t use HT bypass but placing the amp in standby and bringing it out while components switch is one of the true values in a programmable remote.

I had a Phillips Pronto many years ago and Harmony for the past 20 years.

Once you learn how to make it do what you want it’s happy days and no loud surprises.

I’ve always purchased refurbs or ‘used’ - never an issue

I have Harmony Elite with hub, but how do you switch inputs, when SGDC is in standby? :open_mouth:

What is your mains voltage? This is a good solution if you need to burn some fat. :slight_smile: I’m thinking, you can use AVR zone2 12V trigger for that?

I would try placing amps in standby, change input on sgcd, then turn amps on from standby.

Hi Paul

Interestingly, i sent the email 3 days ago and haven’t heard anything back. Normally when I contact tech support I hear back within hours.

Hopefully your email didn’t get shuffled off to someone’s SPAM folder. I’ll ask the manager to check.

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Sorry for the delay. I can’t find any emails from you, so I’m suspecting it went to spam. I’ve sent you an email. Take a look for it and we’ll figure out what’s up.


It’s okay. I fixed the issue. :+1:

Well played sir. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smile:

Great solution, I’m jealous! It’s too bad the Stellar Gain Cell still doesn’t have a resolution for the pop/thump.

Yes, while there’s an easy work around & the preamp function is fantastic, the HT issue is annoying.

I hate to bump this old thread but to follow up on my post from August a year ago. I have lived with the small thump when changing from a digital source to the HT bypass by switching off the amps when making the change. But something different is happening now. BIG thumps! Like ear ringing, dog running out of the room thumps. And now it’s occurring when I turn the Gain Cell off with the remote and/or front button. It only happens in the left channel for me. Did my SGC just grenade? Surprised if my speaker isn’t blown!

Anything I should look at before sending this in? Honestly scared to try it too many more times for the fear of blowing my left speaker. Yes, it’s that loud and harsh.

I think it’s a waste of time sending it in. They won’t fix it because all the units do it… Better off getting rid of the stellar preamp and getting something that isn’t a defective product. Because of this and some other issues with other ps audio gear, I’d never buy any ps audio gear ever again.


It may be a waste of time but this is a new problem for my unit. I’ve only had the thump when changing from a digital source back to HT. Today is the first time things started getting really screwy and LOUD. I was listening to a CD on my PWT at a reasonable volume (12) and went to turn it down using the SGC remote. POP, THUMP, POP until I got the volume down to 0. The actual volume of the music did not change as the volume numbers went down which has also never happened. The music only changed volume once the SGC hit 0. Problems ever since this occurred.

These pops and thumps were louder than I’ve ever experienced and it’s never occurred on a digital source. And now I’m getting the huge thumps when shutting the SGC down. I wonder if the gain cell volume control just took a poop?

Powering it off with the rear panel switch for a minute and powering it back on might help the new issue. I dont own one but this is a common solution to “reboot” modern equipment of all types.

That’s a pretty unusual problem and I am really sorry you’re going through this. No worries. Perhaps there’s a relay inside that’s gone amiss. Do try and power cycle the unit from the rear panel first and if this doesn’t solve the problem please contact customer service and we would be happy to repair it for you.

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Thanks @Paul. After some more testing this morning I haven’t been able to replicate the pops/thumps with the volume changes on a digital source. However, the volume between left and right is no longer equal and the balance is set at Zero. Anything below 8 on the SGC and the left speaker no longer decreases volume at the same rate as the right and a lot of distortion gets introduced on the left side. Something’s obviously not right so I’ll be in contact with your service team on Monday. I’m curious if a year of continuous thumps and pops have finally fried something and that even if it’s fixed I’ll experience the same failure in another year.

I didn’t have the guts to try and turn off the SCG with the amps still on this morning. I think my left ear is still ringing from last night. :grimacing:

Yikes. Sorry about that. One thing I would do is the old swap test. Start at the speakers and swap channels at the amp. If the problem switches channels then put it back and do the same with the input to the amp, and so forth down the chain. What you’re looking for is to isolate the problem to one piece of kit.

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