SGCD loud pop/thump when changing to/from HT input?

The title in subject line is a continuation of thread started in 2018
USB Input not working and the Screen is scrolling white lines
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I am having the same problem with the SGCD that I purchased in March 2020. When switching to the HT selection(mode) you hear a POP!. In my case it came from the left channel and blew a tweeter from a Focal 1028Be speaker. I called PS Audio about this and talked to a tech in April with his advise. Called back with the results and no reply back from the tech. I have called the PS Audio several time since leaving messages to the Tech Support Group. I have also contacted the sales person that sold me the SGCD and 2 M700. He has replied 3 times reassuring me that this issue has been passed to tech support. I have given details of the troubleshooting ask of me but no replies of a resolution.
I understand that I purchased an entry level system but I figured this would lead me to a top level system with PS Audio. I have held writing this but I am not hearing anything back as a customer and I am absolutely dumbfounded!

Sorry you haven’t heard anything from the team yet. I’m going to start a new email thread with you and them in it to assure they see it. To start, can you verify what version of FW you have on the machine?

Let us know if they get it figured out. It’s obviously an issue.

Hi James,

Thanks for contacting me!

Here are the Firmware versions:


FPGA: 1.04

Thank you…………Tom Tompkins

Perfect thanks for passing these along to me. You should be hearing from TJ soon.

It has been 2 weeks and I have not been contacted by PS Audio Support about this issue?

Sorry about this. I just heard form TJ and you should be getting an update from him in a few minutes.

Thank you!

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Just heard from TJ and he is sending me a chip upgrade kit.
I will let all know if this fixes the issue.

Thank you for the support!

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