Stellar Pre Phono

here Enrico from Italy
first of all sorry for my bad english
I just have into my hands, from yesterday, a new Stellar Pre Phono.
very Happy
maybe is a stupid question but i have to know…
On the back side there hare 2 holes, is written (in the manual too) TRIGGED 5-12 volt input and output.
Ok but in the manual these is no explained nowhere what are them for.
Can someone explain me?
Thank you in advance

they are there to connect to another component so it turns on when the other one does or it can be used to turn other components on when it is turned on. It uses the same cable as the small headphone jack you see on earbuds and the like, can be stereo or mono as it only carries a voltage and is not part of the signal chain
Welcome Enrico, hope this helps

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Welcome, Enrico!

thank you for the fast reply!
welcome you all!

Ciao Enrico,

Giusto -e per far conezione con altri componenti.

Abbracione e benvenuto

Benvenuto! In effetti il tuo inglese è abbastanza buono.

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