Trigger Order

I want to connect a trigger wire from my Stellar DAC to a pair of M700 amps. I have a question about what happens when they are connected. A a general rule, I turn my pre-amp before amps and turn my amps off before the pre-amp (this is using the logo buttons which I assumes really just outs everything in stand-by.)

My question is when pressing the logo button on the pre-amp taking it out of stand-by, is there is a delay is turning the amps on? Similarly, but in reverse, when pressing the logo button to put the pre-amp into stand-by, does it turn off before the amps?

Or does it not matter if the equipment is going into standby rather than having the power turned off?

Ciao, I have a similar setup except I use a BHK pre amp and M700’s. When I turn on my preamp it starts first and warms up, with a short delay it then triggers the M700’s. Turning it shut off they all shut down about the same time. As I understand it, the sequence of powering on is mostly important to ensure a surge volume/sound doesn’t hit the speakers and damage them. I’ve not experienced that problem with PSA equipment.



Don’t know about the Stellar, but the BHK has a delay before voltage is sent through the trigger jack since any trigger capable device I know of uses voltage present as the trigger for “on,” and no voltage as the trigger for “off.”

For the BHK, the delay is adjustable via the main menu. I don’t remember what the max delay is - I think the max delay is 45 seconds, and the user can adjust it down from there.

The trigger drops as soon as the preamp is turned off. Don’t know if the Stellar is capable (BHK is NOT), but my Wyred pre has both in and out triggers, so it can be a master or slave (or both in a chain).

Hi @Amusicfac he Stellar series are not power hogs. Also, when using the trigger cable (s) you’re basically waking up the device from standby, which is unlike powering on the trigger and plugging the power cord into a receptacle. I owned the same setup, and I used the remote control of the preamp to start the system and turn it off without any issues.
Edit: If memory’s still ok, I think you could connect trigger cables serially from pre, to the first M700, then to the next M700. M700 has a delay before it triggers the next mono block. Also, the power amps are fully protected. The blue light blinks for a few seconds before the amp is fully switched on. Methinks PSA has done a good job in protecting the M700.

I have a BHK Pre and Pass X250.5. The question isn’t really specific to even the brand or model when using a 12 V trigger. The question is what is the best timing for the safety of your system. My BHK uses a delay on the trigger to my Pass amp. Which is (I think!) programmable. I have always argued the sequence should be pre first with a delay before triggering the power amp. Why? Simply to ensure the preamp is stabilized before the amp is powered up, so that there is no risk of the amp seeing a DC offset or transient on it’s input during the preamp stabilization process. I am very strongly of the opinion this is mandatory for a tube preamp regardless of whether the amp is SS or tube.

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