Stellar S 300

Have an Audiolab M DAC+ on order, here in the UK. If I connect it by XLR, is it self switching, or do I have to pull the PS unit out of the rack and manually switch it? remove the RCA connections already in place from the Anthem (non XLR) amp, is there a switch?

remove the rca connectors.
I have heard from others in the past to NOT have both xlr and rca connected at the same time from same component to another same component.
It is ok, however, to use xlr from pre to power amp, and the rca output from the preamp to a subwoofer.

There is no switch. The S300 will play both the XLR and RCA no matter what. However, please DO NOT have both XLR and RCA connected at the same time. This can cause a lot of strain on both the amp and the sources.

Is the S 300 true balanced on the XLR’s? Just I now have to decide on what cable to go between dac and S300

Yes, it is true balanced. Absolutely go balanced if you can.

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